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Chakra Balancing for Restoration

Open your energy healing pathways with the Solfeggio Freque

What to expect…​We will start the session by getting to know you and what your unique needs are for self healing.  The room will be set up with healing crystals and essential oils that have been specifically chosen for you. ​In addition, there are several techniques that may be used during your session to empower you to enhance the quality of your life -

  • * ​Energy Vitality Frequency Attunement - The Energy Vitality Technique is the basis for frequency attunements during which the energy centers (chakras) are activated, balanced, rejuvenated and connected to 5th dimensional energy.  With the energy system now balanced and connected to new energy, we can then more quickly and effectively incorporate additional techniques or natural therapies.​

  • *Brain Balancing and Entrainment - Achieving an ideal balance of brain waves. Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves promote superior functionality, focus and states of deep meditation, quickly, safely and easily.

  • *​DNA/RNA Activation - Science believes that up to 97% of DNA is non-functioning.  What does that mean?  Perhaps there is unlimited, untapped potential in our makeup.  The DNA/RNA activation combines frequencies which activate this dormant potential and offers potential to etherically repair the DNA in disagreement with its natural blueprint.​

  • *Aura Cleansing - Our auras (energy fields) contain, receive and produce energy we interact with constantly. This includes energy from technology, experiences with others and trauma.  This technique facilitates clearing the energy field of unwanted constituents prior to manifesting into physical reality.  

  • *OM Body Balancing - This relaxing energy technique uses the amazing OM frequency to identify imbalances in the physical body; relaxing irritated muscle groups, joint and tissue using a “stereo effect”.

  • *Heart Center Activation - This technique uses the 528 Hz LOVE tuning fork, which is tuned to the same frequency used by biochemists to repair DNA!

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